-- Lady Godiva --


I did a sketch of this over a year ago, and finally finished it. I'm very fascinated about 'digital impressionism' these days, if you may call it like that. Many know the legend of Lady Godiva and she's been one of the inspirational figures to me for many years. This time I made her hair REALLY red.

Also wrote a small poem for her:

'Hair like fire,
heart beating like a fiddle,
she rides across the lands as an unsolved riddle.
Stallion leads as she looks at the gallows,
never again, she says,
for I must bear this sorrow, o' Sky, I must ride, whilst you watch as my only mirror!

Tomorrow, tomorrow,
she must ride until tomorrow,
until she finds her Champion,
who may bear all her griefs,
and may end all gallows!

Until then, she's found at the shores of the Hollows'


© Kirsi Salonen 2010 - all rights reserved!