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Modern Saints -series
(in progress)

Lee Pace

Tom Hiddleston

Keanu Reeves

Jørgen Munkeby

Gore Vidal

Latest Additions 2013-2015:

Latest 2015:

the Land of Tears is so Mysterious

Never seen and never spoken

Last Light

Lord Caprahorn

Death's Horse

Play with Death

Hands that stay


Lucifer Rising

Teatime with Milky Way

The firekeeper's rounds

Pretending the predator


Dream Country II

Old grumpy

Reins of Power

The Condemned

The Lament

The Living Image

People's Will

Cyclone Chamber


Jason I

Jason II

Jason's Mind

marked traveller
The Marked Traveller

The Six Senses

Morning Star


Handling Chaos

The Celestial Brothers



Van Fanel

Animus hunter

The Watchful

Lady in Red


The whole family is now complete!!! check it out:

There's a particular technique I used in these works and each one of the paintings is something I've already done before, even years ago.
Where does visual context end and where it begins?
Good word is to 'cipher', which is a kind of visual key that holds many other ciphers inside and reveals the full meaning the more you look and dive into the image.
I'll leave it for the viewer to interpret them by their own fashion and judgement.


Between hells and heavens





The Path


Eye of the Beast

In the Dark Centre

In the Light Centre

The Golden Weaver


The Triad




The Hurricane


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