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My 'Handling Chaos' -painting got included into this spectacular collection of high fantasy art and artists, published by Flame Tree Publishing.

Here's a link to the bookstore!

My 'Lucky Flight' -illustration got the priviledge to become February's image in this beautiful Dragon Art calendar for the year 2015, from Flame Tree Publishing!

Here's a link to the shop!

Some of my dragon -related illustrations (Sunrider, Brave One) and an exclusive painting tutorial of a painting 'Eversor' got included to the beautiful and majestic 'Dragon Art' -book, published by Flame Tree Publishing.

Here's a link to the bookstore!

A comic I made in collaboration with a Macedonian writer Aleksandar Stevanov has won the 2nd Award in Best Comic in the International Comic Festival " VELES 2014", which was held in Veles, Macedonia this fall.

'Azaziel', 'Apis Soulraider' and 'Cyclone Chamber 'selected to the next hugely respected CG-art collection 'EXPOSÉ 8', by Ballistic Publishing.

Challenge Winner at It's Art!
Got ArtRage Studio Pro, very cool software for fast drawing! Thank you for all the votes and It's Art for all the support!!


-- Artiquest's beautiful
Interview to their issue 3, 2010



-- Personal Interview with --

and received an Excellence award there for "Apis Soulraider"-piece !


I was awarded as the 2nd Top Artists of year 2009 at It'!

Also check out my
Big interview in "It's Art" -magazine
#3 (2008)

Custom Fur & People Brushes -tutorial
for 2dArtist -magazine, October's issue (#46), 2009

Lights & Metallic Effects - painting tutorial for Official Corel painter Magazine (Imagine Publishing ltd.), November's issue '09 (#34)
Same tuto also in Digital Artist -magazine issue 01, 2010

image image
"Desert Sand" and "Phantom Link"
included in "Exotiqué 5", by Ballistic Publishing's collection of best CG-characters

"Golden panda"
- Appears in Exposé 6

"You sang to me"
- Appear in Exotiqué 3

Interview in 2d Artist -magazine
(#31, 2008)

- Received Choice Award at
- Ranked in Top 5 in CG -art contest in CGOverdrive at Singapore 2007.
- Tutorial here

"Handling Chaos"
- Entered "Hall of Fame" at

Finnish metalband Teräsbetoni's
"MIssä miehet ratsastaa" -shirt print

"Golden Panda"
Received an Excellence award also at

Speedpainting Workshop / Tutorial
at ImagineFX magazine (# 36, 2008)

Big interview in "It's Art" -magazine #3 (2008)

Also been in these:

Official Corel Painter magazine's interview, October's issue 2008

"Golden Panda" - tutorial at Its Art -magazine" #12, 2007

Multiple works included in ImagineFX -magazine #28, 2007

Multiple works included at CG Chosen magazine in July's issue 2007 -- a special Monsters-issue

Appearance at Art-Scene International magazine # 73, 2007


Masters of Fantasy vol. II (cd-rom)

Masters of Fantasy vol. III (cd-rom)


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